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2013-10-17 [

Georg Canek



A CFD-BEM Coupling technique for low Mach number Aeroacoustics


A technique to couple computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and boundary element method (BEM) models is proposed that allows the total sound pressure field produced by low Mach number flow past a rigid body to be predicted. An incompressible CFD solver is used to calculate the transient hydrodynamic flow field. Acoustic sources based on Lighthill’s analogy are then extracted from the flow field data. The CFD/BEM coupling technique is used to compute the acoustic field incident on the body. The incident acoustic field is calculated based on a near-field solution of Lighthill’s analogy, which employs numerical techniques to accurately evaluate singular and near-singular integrals. This incident field is combined with a BEM model of the body, based on the Burton and Miller formulation, to predict the scattered sound pressure field. The results from this CFD/BEM coupling technique are presented for flow past a circular cylinder with Reynolds number, ReD=100 and Mach number, M=0.02. The directivity of the sound pressure field at the vortex shedding frequency is compared with results of alternate methods available in the literature.


Paul Croaker, University Of New South Wales, Australia

Place and Time:

Sem 325/2
Tue, Okt. 22 2013, 16:00-17:00